Foreign Affairs Ministry releases message for Turks to visit Germany or living there

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a message to warn Turkish citizens to go to Germany as well as those living there. In the warning text, it said that “citizens should not enter political controversy and act with good temper against any xenophobic and racist treatment, behavior and verbal attacks they could face” Here are headings More...

by Editor | Published 2 months ago
Merkel wnat EU to stop accession talk for Turkey
By Editor On Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Why Turkey should stay in the EU Customs Union despite recent conflict with Germany

Political experts say it is not an option to expel Turkey from EU Customs Union, only because Germany wants it. They maintain many countries in the EU will act with common sense and not consider this option as More...

By Editor On Monday, September 4th, 2017

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister says USA practicing “state hooliganism”

The “consular offices” war between the USA and Russia has been continuing for some time. As will be recalled Russia ordered the U.S. to cut its staff in Russia after the US congress had passed a package of More...

By Editor On Monday, September 4th, 2017

Presidential spokesman slams Germany regarding duel between Merkel & Schulz

Presidential spokesman Ibrahim KALIN reacted to anti-Turkish expressions in the electoral duel between Merkel and Schulz of Germany, yesterday evening. KALIN said “Hostility against Turkey in Europe has turned More...

Merkel rejects Turkey's request to freeze Fetö assets
By Editor On Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Turkey’s request to freeze FETÖ assets rejected by Germany

According to reports, Germany officially rejected the request of Turkey to freeze the assets belonging to the members of the FETO organization. According to a source Turkey had requested Germany to freeze the assets More...

By Editor On Monday, August 21st, 2017

Erdoğan says Turkey considers joint military operation with Iran against PKK in Kandil

It has been expressed by Erdoğan Turkey may conduct a joint military operation with Iran against the illegal Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the Kandil region. Before leaving for Jordan on August 21 Erdogan More...

By Editor On Friday, August 18th, 2017

EU takes radical decision concerning Turkey following initiative by Germany

Germany is trying to increase the economic pressure on Turkey. It is reported that EU is preparing to cut hundreds of millions of euros in financial aid to Turkey following Berlin’s initiatives in this direction. More...

By Editor On Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

German Foreign Minister says economic pressure on Turkey works

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel commented on the tension between Berlin and Ankara and said “economic pressure” on Turkey was working. This expression was obviously a reference to some measures taken More...

Turkish Sream Line under Black Sea
By Editor On Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

Russia accelerates pipe line construction after Trump signs US sanction package

It is reported that following US sanctions on Russia, Gazprom has decided to accelerate new pipelines for Europe. The reports say although the White House does not consider imposing sanctions on to effect Moscow’s More...

Merkel wnat EU to stop accession talk for Turkey
By Editor On Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Germany steps into action against Turkey

It is stated that Germany has asked the European Commission to suspend its work on updating Turkey and the Customs Union. It is also mentioned in same statement Germany has urged the European Commission to put More...